Summer Institute

Summer Teacher Training Course

Due to COVID – 19, S.M.I.L.A training will be online during the 2020 summer session.

S.M.I.L.A. Structured Literacy/Science of Reading Training

For: Educators or others wishing to learn the concepts behind Structured Literacy/The Science of Reading and how to effectively instruct students in one-on-one, small group, or large classroom settings. 

When: Mondays through Fridays, June 8-June 26, 2020, 9:00 AM-12PM CST

(If you have a scheduling concern, please let us know, as we may be able to work with you.)

Where: Online via Zoom

What: This is a 45 hour course designed to create highly skilled structured literacy teachers and tutors.  On a daily basis, participants will attend lectures, observe instruction, practice what they have learned, receive immediate feedback, and learn how to write effective lesson plans. First year participants will complete the Introductory Course. Second year participants will complete the Continuum Course.

Why This Training: Our training will provide the time and the scaffolding educators need to successfully implement what they have learned. Technical information is presented, and it deserves both time and practice. We feel quick training without immediate feedback and assistance will not be as effective and will lead to errors; therefore, this training is for individuals who care to learn the why and the how of crafting instruction to meet individual needs of students. Also, this training will equip educators to teach entire classrooms in a cost-efficient way. 

This course does not include a practicum. A practicum is necessary for certification and may be arranged after completion of this course.


The following will go into effect during the 2021 summer session.

S.M.I.L.A. provides a 140-hour, four-week summer training course.  The course runs from Monday – Friday for four weeks during the summer.  Teachers/participants are involved daily in lectures, observations, planning, and application of the format.  Participants begin the day with a lecture.  Next, they observe a S.M.I.L.A. staff teacher instructing a whole class.  Participants then have the opportunity to apply their knowledge while working in a practicum with one to three students. Finally, in preparation for the next day, participants plan a lesson with a S.M.I.L.A. instructor.   

The following courses are offered each summer:

Foundations of Literacy – This course incorporates a research-based, structured, and multisensory approach designed to help teach children the acquisition of reading, speaking, listening, writing, and thinking skills.

Integration of Literacy– This course further extends the training provided in the Foundations of Literacy course.  Participants will apply skills that utilize advanced techniques in the language continuum to help teach children the acquisition of reading, speaking, listening, writing, and thinking skills.

Third Year Advanced Course – This course is for those individuals who are interested in pursuing Instructor of Teaching Certification. The intern will work under the supervision of an approved Instructor of Teacher Training and train for a minimum of one entire cycle of a teaching level training course.


Foundations of Literacy– Bachelors Degree and Personal Interview with the Executive Director of S.M.I.L.A.

Integration of Literacy – Bachelors Degree, Personal Interview with the Executive Director of S.M.I.L.A., and successful completion of the Foundations of Literacy course.

Third Year Advanced Course – Bachelors Degree, Personal Interview with the Executive Director of S.M.I.L.A. and successful completion of the Integration of Literacy course.

How to apply:

Download the application and mail to:
Simultaneous Multisensory Institute of Language Arts
Sharon Dytrt
4539 Big Horn Dr. N


Accredited by IMSLEC and International Dyslexia Association

  IMSLEC                       IDA-Accredited-Program