Reading Specialist Endorsement

Reading Specialist Endorsement

Tennessee Reading Specialist endorsement is being offered through Christian Brothers University (CBU). This 18-hour licensure only program will prepare the Reading Specialist to:

provide reading services at all grade levels

provide information, reading instruction, and assessment to classroom teachers, special educators, other professionals, and parents

diagnose and evaluate the reading strengths and needs of students

provide leadership in developing the literacy program and the curriculum

implement a simultaneous multisensory approach to teaching language arts

The Reading Specialist K to Grade 12 Endorsement is an add-on endorsement to initial teaching licensure (grades K-8 or 7-12), and requires completion of an approved Master’s degree program.  The program integrates a reading practicum that promotes the linking of theory and practice and requires successful completion of the following courses:

Christian Brothers University Course Title: READ 630 Foundations of Literacy

Christian Brothers University Course Title: READ 631 Integration of Literacy

Christian Brothers University Course: READ 633 Reading Assessment

Christian  Brothers University: READ 634 Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum

In order to complete the SMILA program and apply it towards the endorsement, you must attend two summers. You may receive 6 credits for each summer attended.
The credits may also be applied to Christian Brothers University’s M.Ed. program as well.

Visit the Christian Brothers University website for more information on applying to their M.Ed. program.

Once our program is submitted and approved by the state of Tennessee, including the 12 hours plus two additional courses at Christian Brothers University, you will be eligible to apply for a Tennessee Reading Specialist K to Grade 12 Endorsement.
Additional requirements for obtaining a Tennessee Reading Specialist K to Grade 12 Endorsement include:

PRAXIS Exam: Reading Specialist, Qualifying Score: 510

Years of Teaching Experience: 3 years

Recommendation from the Director of S.M.I.L.A., Rosemary Williams

Please contact Rosemary Williams at (901) 754-1441 for more information on S.M.I.L.A.